Transforming tickets

(starting with lottery)

Lottery tickets haven’t evolved since the 1960s.

What we do

Lazlo has built an ecosystem. We’ve brought retailers, advertisers and lottery providers together to better connect with consumers wherever they want to play.

Who we are

Lazlo is a team of engineers and entrepreneurs who are unafraid to drive change. We’ve built a groundbreaking platform defined by common values:

Continuous Improvement
Our mission is hard, but worth it. We’ll need to break a few eggs in order to create exponential value for our customers, shareholders and employees. But we’ll encourage failure and learning. And, we’ll get better at every turn.

Integrity is the currency of trust. We know that we can bring our stakeholders together through honesty, openness and mutual respect. And, we’ll show in our actions and our words.

Customer Focus
Our ecosystem is built around our customers. That’s why we’ll over-index on proactivity, reliability and responsiveness. Our ability to innovate for our customers will continue to grow with our focus.

We support the tenants of servant leadership. We’re committed to our people and to providing them with a healthy and supportive environment, clear direction and honest communication. We lead through change and celebrate our success.

We do everything we can to keep the commitments we make to our stakeholders and to each other. Whether it’s our work, our actions or the services we provide, our word is our bond.

We take the steps necessary to ensure that the quality of our products and services always meets our customer’s expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to execute in professional, accurate and timely manner.

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