Lazlo for retailers

A more profitable lottery play.

Grow lottery channels

No additional footprint required

Increase profitability

Reduce selling costs and increase per-ticket revenue

Improve customer experience

Enable faster checkouts and shorter lines

Omni-channel purchase, play and redemption

Lazlo integrates with existing store systems to enable a complete lottery experience across your digital and brick & mortar footprints, including

  • Store-branded apps
  • Companion apps
  • Online
  • Point of sale
  • Self-checkout

Higher sales, higher margins

We change the math on lottery sales, increasing revenue and profitability through

  • Increased in-app, online and unattended purchases
  • Reduced costs including terminal maintenance, paper restocking, counter space and staff time

Stickier mobile apps

Lazlo solves a problem that’s plagued retailers for years: poor adoption of stored-branded apps.

With digital games wrapped in dynamic content, shoppers have new reasons to use your app throughout their experience.

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