Lazlo for advertisers

A sixty-year old marketing channel, reimagined.

Elevate brand engagement

Tap into a new, interactive channel

Deliver more effective offers at the point of decision

Leverage precise customer data to present in-aisle offers

Get better insight & improved ROI

Combine app- and SKU-level data to maximize spend

A new medium for in-store consumer engagement

Lazlo is a new way to reach your audience. We combine digital lottery games with branded content to take lottery promotions to a new level.

Increased campaign effectiveness

We transform brands’ ability to reach customers and maximize marketing spend, including

  • Promotions targeted by location and customer type
  • Reward-based offers that protect your brand
  • Real-time budget metering and throttling based on redemptions

SKU-level insight

Lazlo gives you a deeper understanding of which games best connect with your audience. Combined with consumer and geo-location data, we give you powerful insight to drive spend.

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